Sometimes it's shocking to read about the lethal and non-lethal varieties of crime that occurred back "in the day". I guess maybe we believe the tales that our great-grandparents spread about how safe things used to be back in the olden days... but as these stories will show, humans supplied plenty of dangers and foul deeds during the 19th century as well. And, when caught, the punishment could be grim...

Assaulted In His Pulpit A Preacher Pays The Price For Discussing Politics In Church
Ill Treatment Of A Girl A Servant Girl Is Beaten For Telling An Untruth...

Attempted Murder!
Lizzie Had A Pistol And She Knew How To Use It!
The Shooting Of Laura Warwick A Mother Shoots Her Daughter In The Eye
She Shot A Burglar The Burglar Didn't Know What He Was Getting Into When He Entered Mrs. Murphy's House!
Shot At By A Woman A Famous Pugilist Learns The Dangers Of Cheating

Capital Punishment!
The Elmira Murderer Hanged Pale and Trembling, a Murderer Meets His Maker
Father And Son Hanged Father Went Easily... Son, Less So...
Hang Them An Editorial On The Insanity Plea
Horrible Scene A Particularly Dreadful Execution By Hanging
Man And Wife To Hang The Story Of The Evil Infamous Serial Killing Schneiders Of Vienna
Terrible Scene At An Excursion An Execution Goes Horribly Amiss...
Threatened Lynching Circus Employees Suspected Of Robbery Face Mob Rule
A Woman Beheaded In Germany The Last Execution Of Its Kind

Death Of Butte Convict Death Of A San Quentin Inmate

Missing Persons!
Dr. Gruel Is Missing A Doctor & A Mother-In-Law's Dark Conspiracy

Ghosts Did Not Frighten Thieves A Youth Is Caught Stealing Lead Fittings From A Cemetery
Robbed A Dead Woman Thieves Strip The Rings Off The Newly Deceased
A Thief Nailed In A Box Some Criminals Do The Darnedest Things...

General Misfortune!
Turned Out To Die A Young Girl Is Turned Out To Nearly A Life Of Ruin

Dreadful Sentiments...