Threatened Lynching
Steele Scrapbook - September 27, 1885


The Brutal Outrage for Which Several Circus Employes [sic] May be Hanged.

LOUISVILLE, Sept. 27.—It is reported here tonight that there is much excitement at Frankfort and Bagdad, Ky., a village near Frankfort, and that there will probably be a lynching before morning of several attaches of Doris' Circus, who were arrested here and taken to Frankfort to-day, charged with highway robbery.

A.F. Scoffield, A. Miles, J. B. Weber and J. B. Turner, four young men of Bagdad, Ky., boarded the circus train to go to Frankfort to see the show. They paid their fair and soon afterward at the points of several pistols, which were leveled at them, were made to turn over all their valuables, watches, rings, etc. , and a small amount of money. The robbers then made then [sic] jump from the train which was running at a rapid rate. All were injured by the jump. Weber and Scofield had their legs broken and the former will not be able to walk again. Miles had a leg broken and Turne [sic], escaped with painful bruises.

The men arrested are Richard White, William Carroll, Paul McQuade, George Miller, John Boyd and John Martin. It is reported on the street here at 8 o'clock that all six of the men have been hanged, but the rumor has not yet been confirmed. The prisoners were confined in the jail at Frankfort.

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