A Thief Nailed In A Box
Steele Scrapbook - July 27, 1885

A Thief Nailed in a Box.

ELROY, Wis., July 27.-A box was shipped by express from Black River Falls to Chicago on Saturday night. The messenger became suspicious of the contents and telegraphed to the authorities here. On the arrival of the train at this place yesterday the box was opened, and inside was found a man armed with a 38 calibre revolver, a billy, a razor, bottle of chloroform, and a bunch of cord. He refuses to give his name. The box was shipped to Sidney L. Barnard, Chicago. Two more persons, supposed to be confederates, were arrested here and are all three in jail. It is supposed that they had planned to rob the mail and express car. Nothing is known here regarding the identity of the men.

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