Robbed A Dead Woman
Steele Scrapbook - January 7, 1886


Mrs. Anna M. Dunigan's Corpse Despoiled in the Street at New York.

NEW YORK, Jan. 7.—Anna M. Dunigan, seventy years of age, fell dead this evening on the street within a few doors of her home in this city. Before her body was removed to her apartments her fingers were stripped of three valuable diamond rings, and a bracelet of gold and enamel was torn from her wrist. Mrs. Dunigan occupied rooms at "The Judson" with her son, Charles W. Dunigan, an actor.

When the woman fell several men rushed toward her, apparently to aid her, but as the results showed, to rob her. Her gloves were torn from her hand on the pretence of chafing them and rings were deftly slipped from her fingers and the bracelet from her wrist. Mrs. Dunigan was born in Philadelphia. Her father was a Quaker named Isaac Williams.

Stripped From The Fingers Of Alf

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