Man And Wife To Hang
January 29, 1892

"The Loathsome Couple" - Edward Gorey


The Schneiders, of Vienna, Adjudged Guilty and Both to Die For Horrible Crimes.

VIENNA, Jan. 29.—The sensational Schneider murder trial was ended to-day. The defence, if defence it can be called, where the accused go on the stand and by their evidence corroborate the testimony of the prosecution, closed this morning, and the case was given to the jury. The jurors required only seventy minutes to find Schneider guilty of all the murders charged against him, and a verdict of guilty against Frau Schneider for the murder of Vincenzia Trudar. The Judge immediately sentenced both prisoners to death. Both executions will take place on the same day, but Frau Schneider will be executed first.

Some months ago the police became habituated to receiving reports of the mysterious disappearance of young girls who earned their livelihood in the capacity of servants. It came to the knowledge of the authorities, after a long and patient investigation, that a large number of girls had been employed by Franz Schneider and his wife Rosalie, and that after they had been at work for a short time they would disappear and never be heard of again. All the evidence obtainable pointed in the direction of the Schneiders as having knowledge of the fate of the girls, and finally they were placed under arrest on the charge of murdering eight of their servants.

It was shown that the prisoners, on the pretext of employing the girls, had enticed them to their home. Once there, their fate was sealed. The evidence against the accused was overwhleming. Schneider, who broke down completely, confessed his guilt. He described in detail his method of doing away with the unfortunate girls who fell into his power. He would go to the room occupied by the girl last employed by his wife, and despite her prayers and entreaties would criminally assault her.

It was thought by the police that he first chloroformed his victim, but in his confession Schneider said that they were always conscious when he attacked them. Horrible as it may appear, his wife accompanied him and aided him in the accomplishment of this fiendish crime, and afterward she would grasp the hands of the victim while Schneider clutched the poor girl by the throat and choked her to death. The same course was pursued in the cases of all the eight victims.

These guys must have served as inspiration for Paul & Karla!
From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair
The 1892 Morbid Scrapbook

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