She Shot A Burglar
Steele Scrapbook - January 26, 1886


He Escaped, but Was Afterwards Found Suffering from Two Wounds.

OMAHA, Neb., Jan. 26.—"Don't move and you will not be hurt," was the warning a burglar gave Mrs. P. F. Murphy late last night. Mrs. Murphy, who is the widow of Mayor Murphy, lives at 2623 Dodge street, and owns considerable property. She had been awakened, and starting up in bed, saw the man standing at the foot of her bed. Mrs. Murphy did not faint or scream. Instead she resolutely reached under her pillow and, grasping a revolver, levelled it at the burglar and began firing. He had not expected resistance, and Mrs. Murphy's true aim found him.

"My God!" he cried, and staggered toward the open window, through which he had entered, and leaped out, while Mrs. Murphy kept up her firing.

By this time the household was aroused and search made about the yard for the burglar. He had escaped from the premises, but upon the window-sill were clots of blood, and in the yard traces of blood were also found. The trail was lost when the street was reached. Afterward the burglar was found in a cheap hotel suffering from two wounds, one bullet having penetrated his left lung.

Stolen During Cover Of Darkness From The House Of Alf

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