Killed At Play
Steele Scrapbook - October, 1885


Sad and Fatal Accident to a Young Boy in Butler Valley.

A sad accident happened Tuesday morning at Drums, in the Butler Valley. Frank, the nine-year-old son of Peter Reisenweaver, was attending school, and at recess engaged in a game of ball with some of the older pupils. Ettie Roth, a young girl about thirteen years, and a daughter of George Roth, was trying to throw a heavy base ball bat over a fence on which young Reisenweaver was sitting, when it slipped from her hand and struck the little fellow on the head causing the blood to flow freely. He went back to school when the bell announced recess ended, and the teacher, noticing the blood on his head and face, dressed the wound as well as she could and washed the blood from it, but thought nothing serious of it. At noon the boy complained of feeling sick and went home. His condition becoming more serious, his mother sent for a physician, but the little fellow sank rapidly and died at three o'clock. It is thought the skull was fractured by the blow on the head.

Unceremoniously Stolen From Alf

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