A Brave Old Man's Death
December 17, 1886


He Attempts to Save a Boy and Both
Are Killed By a Train.

NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J., Dec.17—The Cincinnati Express train, which was half an hour behind time, while running at the rate of forty miles an hour through this city, struck a wagon driven by Terence Hickey, fourteen years old, at the George-street crossing of the Pennsylvania Railroad at six o'clock this morning. Moses Ryno, aged sixty years, saw the danger and went to the boy's assistance, but was too late. The train rushed around the curve, struck Ryno and threw him off the embankment, instantly killing him. It then crashed into the wagon, part of which was deposited in the front of the ladies' waiting-room at the depot. The boy was found dead, wrapped in a blanket, firmly fastened on the cow-catcher. His skull was fractured and brains were oozing from the wounds. Ryno was the father of a large family. He was formerly a policemen. The gateman at the crossing was not on duty.

From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair
The 1886 Morbid Scrapbook

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