Fearful Death Of A Young Wife
Obituary, Norfolk, VA - June 22, 1869

The wife of Hezekiah Greenlee, of Mason County, West Virginia, was instantly killed a few days since, under circumstances of a most distressing character. In company with her husband she was returning home by a near path through the woods from a neighbor's where her husband had been at work during the day. They were walking hand in hand, not dreaming of any danger, when a dead tree they had just passed suddenly fell brushing the shoulder of Greenlee and striking his wife on the top of the head, crushing her to the earth so that her remains could scarcely be recognized as those of a human being. Strange to say Mr. Greenlee was not injured in the least, further than being stunned for a few moments. The evening was a calm one, and it is supposed that the tree, which was rotten at the roots, gave way from it's own weight. Mrs. Greenlee had been married a little less than six weeks.

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