Crushing Deaths!
Another Victim Of The Elevator The Evil Elevator Claims Another Helpless Victim
Crushed By A Large Stone A Laborer Is Crushed
Crushed to a Shapeless Mass Another Laborer Is Crushed!
Fearful Death Of A Young Wife Struck By A Tree

Drownings and Hypothermia!
Drowned In The Delaware Two Boys Slip Through The Thin Ice
An Old Veteran's Sad Death Fall Into Cold Water Proves Fatal

Death In A Powder Mill A Ghastly Powder Mill Explosion

Fell 200 Feet To Death A Mis-step Proves Fatal To A Construction Worker
No Food For Seven Days Mine Shafts Can Be Dangerous...
A Thrilling Scene A Balloonist Falls To His Death

Fire, Scalding, or Steam-Related Deaths!
An Actress Burned To Death Tragedy Befalls an Actress
Burned To Death A Tragic Cooking Accident, But Minimal Damage To Property
Burned To Death In Her Home While the kids are away, the wife burns today...
A Little Child's Horrible Death While Mother Is Away, Baby Scalds Today
Many Cripples Perish A Hospital Burns In Indianapolis
Roasted To Death Six Children Cremated In A Tragic Fire
Scalded By Steam Steamboat Engineers Scalded To Death
Women Amid Hot Flames A Horrible Fire At The Opera House
A Youthful Bride's Death A 17-year-old Burned To Death

Arsenic For Baking Powder Be Very Careful While Baking...
A Fatal Error Chemist Mistakes Morphine For Quinine
He Found Them Dead From Gas Two Employees Found Dead By The Boss
Killed By Drinking Carbolic Acid Be Careful What You Drink!
A Mother's Terrible Mistake Carbolic Acid strikes again!
Poisoned The Wrong Parties Farmer Accidentally Poisons A Family
Side By Side In Death Two Children Suffocated By Gas While Asleep

Railroad Accidents!
A Brave Old Man's Death An Old Man Attempts To Save A Youth From a Train, With Doubly Tragic Results
A Bridal Party Badly Mangled Tragedy Strikes The Wedding Party (Literally!)
Killed At A Funeral Tragedy Strikes A Carriage... Literally
A Mute Mangled A Deaf Mute Is Killed By A Train
One Killed, Nine Injured A Serious Train Collision
Were Blown To Eternity A Catastrophic Train Explosion With Ghastly Details

A Floating Coffin A whaling vessel breaks apart at sea and washes up at Ocean Beach, SF.

Miscellaneous Deaths!
Death Under Peculiarly Sad Circumstances Lingering Death By Firecracker
A Fatal Piece Of Sport Bicyclists Cause An Equestrian Tragedy
Killed At Play A Baseball Bat Strikes A Fatal Blow
A Physician Buried Alive Screams from a fresh grave. Shudder!
Terrible Suffering A Boy's Improperly Treated Broken Arm Results In An Agonizing Death

Dreadful Sentiments...