A Mute Mangled
Steele Scrapbook - 1892

A Mute Mangled.

A deaf mute named Peter Decker was perhaps fatally injured near Moosic yesterday. The Truth says he was walking on the railroad track when he was struck by the locomotive of a coal train. He was thrown under the wheels and sustained a dislocation or fracture of the back, and his left arm was badly crushed. He was removed to the hospital and it was found that he was paralyzed from his hips down. His arm is so crushed as to render amputation necessary and his recovery is very doubtful. Decker was about 26 years of age. Lately he has made a living by selling packages of stationery. The Times gives his name as Charles Decker and says he was in the employ of the Nay Aug engine company as a teamster.

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