Roasted To Death
Steele Scrapbook - July 17, 1885



Six of the Children Perish in the Flames of a Burning Building Before They Could be Rescued—The Parents Crazed With Grief.

PITTSBURG, July 17.—Last night about eleven o'clock the residence of Josiah M. Evans, a small two story log hut, three miles from Grahampton, Clearfield county, was destroyed by fire and six of his children, ranging in age from 6 to 15 years cremated. Evans was awakened by a strange noise and under the impression that burglars were about, took his gun and went outside to investigate. To his horror, he discovered his humble dwelling in flames. He quickly gave the alarm, but before he could reach his children, who were sleeping on the second floor, the roof fell in and in a few minutes the building was all ablaze. His wife and three younger children sleeping on the lower floor, were taken out safely, but the parents were forced to see the others perish in the flames. This morning intelligence of the fearful calamity spread rapidly throughout the county and hundreds were soon drawn to the scene. The mangled remains of four of the children charred and unrecognizable were gathered up and buried in one coffin. The other two were apprently reduced to ashes, as no trace of their remains could be found. The parents are crazed with grief, and the whole community is excited over a horror which has no precedent in Clearfield county. The father insists that the fire was undoubtedly the work of an incendiary and in this opinion others share.

Snatched Away Under Cover Of Night From Alf

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