Scalded By Steam
Steele Scrapbook - October 30, 1885



Terrible Death of Two Engineers on Board A Lake Steamer.

DULUTH, Minn., Oct. 30—A sad and distressing accident occurred here last evening whereby two men were almost instantly scalded to death. As the steamer Miles was leaving the dock the cast-iron casing or jacket of the cylinder filled with steam and exploded, throwing a great volume of steam with such force as to knock the second engineer, who was on watch, through the door into the room where the first engineer was asleep. The steam rushed in through the opening and, filling the room, scalded them so that when the crew went into the room, almost immediately afterwards, they found both men dead. Thomas Hickey, the first engineer, was 37 years old, and leaves a wife and two children in Hamilton, Ont. The second engineer was William Rooney, was not married, and leaves relatives in Ottawa, Ont.

Unceremoniously Stolen From Alf

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