Terrible Suffering
Steele Scrapbook - August 18, 1885

Terrible Suffering .

MARSHALL, Ill., Aug. 18.—One of the most horrible cases of suffering on record is reported from McKean, six miles east of here. On the 8th of the month, Davie Black, aged eleven, was thrown from a horse and his arm broken in two places. An unskillful physician set it, leaving one of the bones protruding through the flesh. Mortification set in and soon spread to the child's shoulders and body. The mortified arm was left exposed to the flies by some means, and last Wednesday worms began working at the flesh of the living boy. After suffering the most awful agonies for five days and having his arm daily eaten away by the worms, the sufferer died Sunday night and the remains were buried at once. The surgeon has been warned to leave the country.

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