Decapitated After Birth
The Latin Reader - March 27, 1895


No Clue to the Murder Mystery at Daretown.

Dartown, N. J., March 27. — The mystery of the head of a negro child found on Sunday is no nearer a solution than yesterday. Prosecutor Acton, with the Coroner, visited Daretown yesterday afternoon and viewed the head and had the search renewed for the remainder of the body, but as yet no success has followed their efforts. The evidence that the child had lived awhile after being born is unmistakable. It is now thought possible that the neck, which it was at first thought had been twisted off, was lacerated by the dog which found it, as a closer examination has given ground for the suspicion that a sharp knife was used to sever a portion of the head from the body. Such a thing as the taking of a human life has never been known in this immediate vicinity. Three miles below here is a negro settlement near Yorktown and marks the spot where 16-year-old Ella Watson was so brutally murdered by a burly negro ten years ago.

Taken By Brute Force From Alf

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