A Murderer Applauded
Steele Scrapbook - September 2, 1885



A Man on Trial for the Murder of The Destroyer of His Home Hugged and Kissed by His Friends After the Jury Return a Verdict of Acquittal.

CARLISLE, Sept. 2.—The trial of Daniel Clever for the killing of William Martin, at Oakville, this county, last May, ended to-day with a verdict of acquittal. The case was in the jury's hands less than two hours and when the verdict was announced in the court house a tumultuous scene followed. The relatives and friends of the accused rushed upon him and hugged and kissed him for joy, and the spectators applauded long and loud. The provocation for the shooting was the supposed seduction of Clever's wife by young Martin. Clever suspected undue intimacy between the two and one evening when his wife was visiting friends it was found that Martin was also away. Clever, acting upon his suspicions, went to where his wife was visiting and found her and Martin in a room together by themselves. He broke down the door and Martin ran out, Clever shooting after him several times as he ran. Martin was hit twice and died the second day after the shooting. He was but 20 years of age while Clever was 34. Great interest was felt in the case throughout the whole country, and the court house was crowded during each of the five days of the trial..

Okay, so I have to ask - what about the wife? Was she not to blame at all, because she's just a woman who is but feeble prey for men? Were they still married, despite this? Just too weird...

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