A Bloody Romance
Steele Scrapbook - January 25, 1885


Her Father Was Killed, but She Went to Join Her Lover All the Same.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Jan. 25.-Miss Martha Morton, sixteen years old and very beautiful, from the wilds of Dekalb county, passed through this city this afternoon en route to Cooksville, Texas, where she goes to join her lover, Andrew Bynum, whom she will marry. A terrible story of blood shed is told in connection with the girl's flight. She became acquainted with Bynum a year ago, when he was on a visit to Alabama, and has since been corresponding with him. She became engaged to him, but her father bitterly objected. Bynum sent her money with which to go to Texas, and on Friday she ran away from home, going to the home of her brother-in-law, Bill Sloan, a noted moonshiner.

The father gave chase, and reaching Sloan's home Saturday morning he demanded to know the whereabouts of his daughter, who had been hidden. A row occurred between Sloan and Morton, which resulted in the former shooting and killing the latter. Saturday the girl mounted a horse and rode fifteen miles out to the mountains to Fort Wayne, where she took the train for Texas. She said that despite the death of her father she would marry Bynum. Morton, the dead man, was postmaster at Sandy Mills. The murderer is still at large, but a posse is after him.

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