All In The Family
Crazed By Religion A Woman Throws Her Kids & Herself In A Pond
Dog Eat Dog Murder, All In The Family
Missed His Brother But Killed His Father NRA Family Fun
Murdered His Brother Brothers Quarrel, and One Is Killed
Said He Murdered His Father A Murderous Son Finds Religion And The Strength To Confess
Shot His Father Dead A Drunken Brute of a Father Meets His Maker Thanks To His Son
Shot His Mother A Mother Defends A Cat From Her Son... and Pays The Price!

Ghastly Discoveries
A Corpse In A Trunk A Ghastly Discovery At A Train Station
Decapitated After Birth A Dog Finds A Most Unpleasant Plaything
Found Murdered Near Coal Run A Man Found With His Head Battered Into A Jelly
Skeleton In An Ash Barrel Children Playing Make A Gruesome Discovery

Kids Do The Darnedest Things
Butchered By Children Two Children Butcher A Toddler Sibling

Most Unusual
Burned (Buried) Alive The Title Says, "Burned Alive" But There's No Fire Involved...

On The Job Murder
Murder At A Theatre Two Teens Fight To The Death Over Libretto Sales!
A Night Watchman Murdered A Night Watchman Is Left Riddled With Buckshot
A Terrific Fight With Knives A Highly Connected Man Mortally Wounds A Co-Worker
Shot in a Drunken Row Bartender Disposes Of A Quarrelsome Patron
Two Boys Shot For Stealing Fruit A Rancher Takes A Shot At Thieving Youth
Two Women Badly Cut Two Prostitutes Are Attacked By A Deranged John

Random Acts Of Senseless Violence
Mrs. Clute's Slayer Now Under Arrest It was the Russian Upholsterer Who Did It!
A Tragic Street Fight As Usual, The Innocent One Gets Shot
Why Sarah Scott Was Killed A Woman Is Shot For Declaring NOYB

Revenge & Honor
Another Kentucky Tragedy Two brothers killed by a man who insulted their sister
A Cowardly Villain A Man Fires Away At Two Women
A Kentucky Family War Family Fueding
A Murderer Applauded Apparently, Shooting Your Wife's Lover Is A-Okay!
Was Shot Dead In His Buggy A Drunken Quarrel Has Fatal Consequences

Romance & Jealousy
A Bloody Romance He killed her father, but she loves him anyway...
A Cut From Ear To Ear Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head
She Loved And Killed Her Sapphic Murder, 19th Century Style

'Til Death Do They Part
Shot Her On The Street A Man Shoots His Wife And Sister-In-Law
A Washington Tragedy A Disgruntled Husband Shoots His Wife and Brother-In-Law

Dreadful Sentiments...