Another Kentucky Tragedy
Steele Scrapbook - July 29, 1885


Two Brothers Killed by a Man Who Insulted Their Sister.

LOUISVILLE, Ky., July 29.—A special to the Times contains the news of a terrible tragedy in Anderson county, Kentucky. Horace Mullen, a farm hand, visited the sister of Ed., Bob and Porter Hawkins, who on subsequently hearing that Mullen had used foul language about her, ordered him to leave the country at once. Mullen did not leave, and the brothers armed themselves and went to where he was stopping and asked him to come out. He did so armed with a gun. All began firing at about the same time. Mullen's gun was loaded with buckshot and at the first fire he instantly killed Ed. and Bob Hawkins, the former's head being blown off his shoulders. His next shot wounded Porter Hawkins, but not seriously. Mullen escaped unhurt.

Deviously Plundered From Alf

Dreadful Sentiments...