A Washington Tragedy
January 31, 1892


A Young Man Shoots His Brother-in-Law Dead and Wounds His Own Wife, Who Will Probably Die—The Murderer Arrested.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 31.—A fearful tragedy growing out of domestic unhappiness was enacted in this city this evening, resulting in the death of a man and the probably fatal wounding of a woman. Some months ago Howard Schneider, a young man about twenty-two years of age, married a young woman named Amie M. Hamlink. In accordance with the wishes of the woman's father the couple lived at their house. Their married life was not happy, however, the husband staying away from home late at night and otherwise treating his wife improperly, threatning at times to kill her and her father also. About ten days ago the husband not coming home at a late hour, Mrs. Schneider locked the door of the house against him. Since then they have not lived together.

To-night Schneider sent a note to his wife's house asking her to again live with him, but she replied that she would not do so. Subsequently Schneider sent another note, but his wife and her sister and young brother Frank having gone to church, the father answered the note to that effect.

Schneider must have awaited their return, for as they reached the neighborhood of their home he fired at them with a 38-calibre revolver, firing five shots before stopping.

As a result Frank was killed instantly, having been hit on the head, and Annie, the wife, was probably fatally wounded, the balls having lodged in her abdomen. The other girl was not injured. Schneider was subsequently arrested and lodged in the station-house. Schneider says the killing was done in self-defence.

From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair
(The 1892 Morbid Scrapbook

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