A Tragic Street Fight
Steele Scrapbook - September 6, 1885


Administering the Sacrament to a Murdered Man on the Highway.

CHICAGO, Aug.5.—John, alias "Bull" Flaherty, a packing house hand, was drunk yesterday and while passing the residence of Thomas Ryan, at 4,712 Loomis Street, insulted Ryan and challenged him to a fight. Ryan approached Flaherty. The latter then drew a revolver but the weapon missed fire. The men grappled and while struggling Patrick Garrity, a friend of Ryan's, attempted to separate them. Flaherty shot him and he fell. The fight continued and a great crowd collected. Father Hayes was called and while
Flaherty and Ryan continued to fight like tigers up and down the street, the priest administered the sacrament. Ryan was being badly worsted. Several of his friends now made a rush, knocked Flaherty down and beat him nearly to death. A police officer arrived, clubbed his way through the crowd and carried Flaherty to the station. Flaherty is said to be an old criminal. Garrity is not expected to live.

Deviously Plundered From Alf

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