A Cowardly Villain
Steele Scrapbook - October 28, 1885


He Fires Two Shots at Two Ladies and Then Takes to His Heels.

CHICAGO, Oct. 28.—A.J. Burns, who was recently discharged from the office of R.G. Dun & Co. because he had insulted two sisters, Mrs. Ray Good and Lillian Walter, laid in wait for them as they were leaving their work this evening, and drawing a pistol, fired two shots in quick succession and dashed out of the building and up Monroe Street where he was arrested and brought back to where the two women lay insensible on the sidewalk. At the sight of the man the crowd became furious, and it was with difficulty the officers succeeded in lodging him in the station house. Mrs. Good was shot in the neck and her sister received the second shot in the side of her head. It is believed their wounds will prove fatal. Burns refused to make a statement. He was offered his place to-day provided he apologized to the ladies.

Unceremoniously Stolen From Alf

Dreadful Sentiments...