Death Of Victor Hugo
Steele Scrapbook - May 22, 1885


PARIS, May 22.--Victor Hugo died at 1:30. The Ministry will request the Chamber of Deputies to adjourn as a token of respect to the memory of the deceased.

It is reported that M. Hugo bequeathed his manuscripts to France and that he left it to the Republic to select a place for his remains, and to decide as to the form of his funeral.

Victor Hugo's condition was so manifestly worse this morning that his death was regarded as certain to take place within a few hours. When this fact became known Cardinal Guibert, the Archbishop of Paris, sent specially to Hugo's residence, offering to visit him and administer spiritual aid and the rites of the Catholic Church.

M. Lockroy, the poet's son-in-law, who was in attendance at the death-bed when the Cardinal's proffer came, replied for Hugo, declining with thanks the Archbishop's tender, and saying for the dying man, "Victor Hugo is expecting death, but he does not desire the services of a priest."

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