Were Buried At Sea
Steele Scrapbook - January 27, 1886


Captain, Chief Officer and Two Others of the Marcia Dead of Yellow Fever.

NEW YORK, Jan. 27.-The steamer Marcia, from Brazilian ports, which arrived at Quarantine yesterday, reports that on November 30 Alexander McDonnell, aged thirty years, a native of England, who was employed as a fireman on the steamer, was taken sick with yellow fever and died the same day. Captain Metcalf, forty-five years old, who was in command of the steamer, was taken down with the same disease on December 9, and died after an illness of three days' duration. He was a native of Shields, England. The bodies of both Captain Metcalf and Fireman McDonnell were buried at sea off Santos.

On December 16, John Anderson, thirty-five years of age, the engineer of the Marcia, was attacked by the disease and died. He also was buried at sea. On the 13th Captain Andrew Smith, who was previously chief officer of the steamer, developed symptoms of the fever. He died December 17. Since leaving Victoria, Brazil, there has been no sickness on the steamer, but she will be detained at Quarantine.

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