Suicide In A Bank
1892 Morbid Scrapbook


The Watchman Found Dead With a Bullet in His Head.

BALTIMORE, Feb. 3.—Shortly after three o'clock this morning, Watchman McCauley, at the Continental National Bank, committed suicide in the bank by shooting. McCauley was seen by the officer on the beat at ten minutes before three o'clock. He was walking up and down and nothing unusual about his demeanor was noticeable. At three o'clock he should have turned in an alarm, and it was his failure to do so that apprised the authorities that something was wrong. A messenger was sent to the bank, but reported that the watchman was nowhere to be seen. Another boy was sent around, and he saw the watchman lying on the floor with the blood pouring from his head.

Patrolman Lewis hastened to the bank and saw McCauley lying on the floor in a pool of blood. He summoned Sergeant Kirsch and Patrolman Reynolds. Marshall Frey and Cashier J. Wesley Guest, of the bank, were sent for. McCauley had been dead for some time before Sergeant Kirsch reached his side. Teller Roger Frey, of the bank, a son of Marshall Frey, said that the revolver used was kept in one of the drawers at the paying desk. This drawer was found half open. McCauley was about sixty years of age and exceedingly feeble. He leaves a wife and family. He was a brother of Rev. James A McCauley, ex-president of Dickinson College, the famous Methodist Divinity School at Carlisle, Pa.

From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair

The 1892 Morbid Scrapbook

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