Evidently A Suicide
1892 Morbid Scrapbook


An Unknown Man Drowned in the Schuylkill, Below Girard Avenue.

An unknown man was drowned in the Schuylkill river, below Girard-avenue bridge, on Tuesday evening, and from the circumstances surrounding the case, it is supposed that he deliberately took his own life. The man threw off his clothing along the river drive and plunged into the water. After swimming to the middle of the river, he was heard moaning as if in distress, and immediately sank out of sight. Word was at once sent to Captain Chasteau, and he detailed Park Guard Glenn to make an investigation. Guard Glenn secured a boat and grappling irons, and after an hour's search secured the body, and it was sent to the Morgue to await the action of the Coroner.

Deceased was about thirty-eight years old, six feet in height, and weighed one hundred and eighty pounds. He had dark clothing, which was left in the bank, consisted of a black derby hat, light brown striped coat, and vest made by G. L. Lutz, 1414 Ridge avenue; dark blue striped pantaloons, red and blue striped cheviot shirt and laced shoes. There was nothing in his pockets but a handkerchief, and nothing except the card of the maker of the clothing which would lead to his identity.

From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair
The 1892 Morbid Scrapbook

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