Suicide By Blade
City Marshal Files Charges Police Officers Allow A Man To Cut His Own Throat

Suicide By Bullet
Blew His Brains Out A Baffled Wife Watches Her Husband Blow His Brains Out
Mysterious Shooting Case Was It Murder... Or Suicide?
Suicide In A Bank A Watchman Decides To End It All
Tragic Passion Attempted Murder, Successful Suicide

Suicide By Fire
A Horrible Method Of Suicide A Woman Sets Fire To Herself

Suicide By Fumes
He Tried To Die By Gas Horse-Racing Losses Lead To A Suicide Attempt
Lizzie Van Osten's Child The Sad Suicide Of A Wayward Woman?

Suicide By Tool
Breaking His Own Skull Death by Oilstone And Chisel
Suicide at Pottersville A Despondent Young Man Offs Himself By Hammer and Blade

Suicide By Poison
Rough on Rats Again Condemned An Elderly Woman Ingests Rat Poison With Suicidal Intent

Suicide By Rope
Hanged In The Woods The Body Of A Man Is Found Hanging To A Tree
Horrible Suicide Ghastly Hanging Death
Mysterious Tragedy In A Hotel Was It Murder... Or Suicide?

Suicide By Water
Evidently A Suicide An Unknown Man Drowns Himself In The Schuylkill River

Various Causes
Favorite Methods Of Suicide How Germans Offed Themselves in 1891

Dreadful Sentiments...