Mysterious Shooting Case
Steele Scrapbook - October 28, 1885

Mysterious Shooting Case.

LEOMINSTER, MASS., Oct. 28.—A mysterious case, which is now being investigated by the police, is causing considerable excitement. Arthur Spill, a young man, left here for Worcester yesterday. He returned on the evening train and went to the house of Edward Crockett, who is employed at Northboro, his wife and children being at home. About 10 o'clock Spill was found in Crockett's door-yard in a dying condition. He had been shot through the lungs with a shotgun, and lived only about an hour after he was taken home. The wound evidently could not have been self-inflicted. Spill, while dying, talked freely against his neighbors in general, but refused to furnish any account of the shooting.

Further investigation proves that a man named Allen, who first reached the dying man, reports that Spill's clothing was on fire, having been ignited by the discharge of the gun, and that Spill admitted that he took his own life.

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