Tragic Passion
Steele Scrapbook - September 1, 1885



Horrified Sybarites—An Infatuated Youth Attempts to Kill a Lady Because She
Refused to Marry Him on Sight—He Shoots Himself.

ASBURY PARK, N. J., Sept. 1.—A sad case of suicide and attempted shooting took place at the Newman Spring Hotel, a summer resort near Red Bank, last evening. About three weeks ago George Curry, a son of Orrin Curry, a well known resident of Red Bank, became acquainted with a young lady stopping at Red Bank. Acquaintance ripened into a warmer feeling. The girls' name is Susie Westcott, and Curry became infatuated with her, but found that he had a rival in the person of Mr. Stevens, bookkeeper for W. A. French & Co., who had supplanted him in the young lady's affections. Last night Curry asked Stevens if he were going to the hotel. Stevens replied in the negative, and Curry then remarked that he would go and started to walk away.

As soon as Curry was out of sight Stevens procured a wagon and drove up to the hotel, thereby reaching it in advance of his rival. It is surmised that Stevens had advised the young lady as to Curry's coming and probable intentions, and when Curry arrived he and the girl soon after started for a stroll around the grounds. Shortly after a pistol shot was heard, quickly followed by a second shot. The first shot was fired by Curry at Miss Westcott, the ball striking one of her corset steels and glancing off harmlessly. The pistol was then pointed by Curry at his own head and the shot proved fatal. He died almost instantly.

Curry's father—whose only son he is—is a highly respected citizen of this town, and has held many offices of trust. His son George was educated at the Medical College at Philadelphia, in which city he married, after he graduated, removed to Brooklyn, N. Y., where he practiced his profession for two or three years, and was successful until some difficulty arose between the young couple and they parted. The Doctor soon after obtained a divorce, since which time he has been residing with his parents and has led rather a restless life, although he was much esteemed among his acquaintances. The blow to his father is a severe one and he is prostrated from grief. The remains of the young man were taken charge of by Coroner Robert T. Smith and an inquest will be held.

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