His Head Cut Almost In Half
Latin Reader - January 25, 188?


A Mill Man Is Wounded by a Rip Saw, but Is Patched Up and Seems to Be Getting Well.

Seattle, Wash., Jan. 25.—Of all the peculiar and interesting cases the saw mills of Puget Sound have sent to this city, none compete with that of Horatio Stetson, an engineer in Stetson & Post's mill, whose head was cut in half yesterday by a rip saw. His head was cut across the tops just in front of the ears. The saw went down into the brain fully three inches, the point of exit on either side of the head being on a level with the top of the ears. Stetson crawled out from under the table and was grabbed by his brother, who clapped the two pieces of his head together. The brother says that "blood and brains were coming from his head, which looked as if it was falling apart."

The wounded man was hurried to the hospital, and while on his way there was possessed with a sort of mania of swinging his right arm. He could not be held. He was speechless, but understood everything said to him. When he was placed on the operating table it was thought he would die within a few minutes. He went through the trephining operation, however, and was put to bed. Toward night partial paralysis of his arms and legs set in, but he regained the power of speech and called for his mother. At that time he said he was not suffering pain. During the night he was restless, but toward morning he took a bowl of milk.

From this time on he became stronger, the power of motion of his legs and arms returned to him, and his mind was perfectly clear. He could talk, but with difficulty. His temperature was normal and his pulse remained normal all day, and up to eight o'clock at night in the condition of a perfectly well man. And there was no inflammation in the wound, and at last accounts there were no indications of fever setting in.

Many physicians do not wonder at his being alive, but they are mystified at his being possessed of all his mental faculties and retaining control of his limbs, having a good appetite and being perfectly normal in all other conditions of his body.

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