The Good Old Days, They Were Really, Really Horrible! Especially when it came to the topic of health. Work-related injuries occurred frequently in the days before workplace regulation, pestilence could wipe out entire families in a few hours, and you don't even want to think about what it was like to have broken bones set or surgery performed in those days! This particular section of Garretdom is only concerned with those injuries and illness in which the inflicted survived - for better or for worse.

Animal Mayhem
A Baby's Foot Bitten Off Mongrel Mutts Strike Again!
Rooster Attacks a Boy "The ferocious rooster flew upon his back and began to sink his beak into the lad's neck ..."

Ghastly Injuries
A Boy's Hand Blown To Pieces A Boy Loses His Hand In Independence Day Hijinks
His Head Cut Almost In Half A Lumber Mill Worker Goes Head To Head With A Rip Saw... And Survives!
Mangled In A Butcher's Wagon Woman Is Gouged By Meat Hooks
Their Ear-Drums Burst Sailors learn the hard way how not to weather a cannon blast

Suicide Attempts
She Tried To Drown Herself She Tried To Drown Herself But Was Stopped In The Nick Of Time
Took Gas Through A Tube He Tried To Kill Himself To Escape His Troubles

Remarkable Operation Malignant Tumor Removed From Abdomen

Unspecified Illness
He Crept In A House To Die A Sickly Homeless Man Finds A Place To Die
M'Kinley's Mother In Death's Shadow The President's Mother Rallies From Death's Shadow

They Were Nearly Dead A Daring Ice Water Rescue
Was Thrown Overboard A Half-Drowned Italian Is Rescued From Brutal Treatment

Dreadful Sentiments...