Was Thrown Overboard
Steele Scrapbook - January 26, 1892


The Story Told by a Half-Drowned Italian Saved Near Claymont.

Special Dispatch to The North American.

WILMINGTON, Del., Jan. 26.—"For God's sake save me before I drown." These were the cries that startled the people at the Delaware and Pennsylvania line, near Claymont, last evening. The cries came from the river. A boat put out immediately from one of the piers and effected the rescue of an Italian who was going down for the last time. He had been in the water fifteen minutes.

When taken into the boat he said he had been thrown from a passing tug after the most brutal treatment. His face and body bore awful evidence of the treatment he had received from the seamen. The matter will be laid before the Italian Consul at Philadelphia.

Ruthlessly Stolen From From Alf

Dreadful Sentiments...