Took Gas Through A Tube
Steele Scrapbook - January 24, 1886


How a Young Man Tried to End His Life in a New York Hotel.

Special Dispatch to The North American.
NEW YORK, Jan. 24.—A young man, about twenty years old, took a room at the Hotel Shelbourne, Thirty-fourth and Third avenue, Friday evening and retired about eleven o'clock. Two hours later he was found by the night clerk unconscious on the bed, his moans having attracted attention. He had fastened one end of about six feet of rubber tubing to the gas burner, put the other in his mouth and turned on the gas. He had registered as F. Morris, but an open letter was found on him addressed to Robert Robertson, care of Cushman baker, Eighteenth street and Tenth avenue. It was from Madeline Walker, Scranton, the young man's girl. It was found out that he had worked for Cushman under the man of Robertson, and had been discharged for dishonesty. At the hospital last night he said he was Henry Maxwell, that he had led a fast life and was tired of it. His father is W. H. Maxwell, of Brooklyn. He left home eight months ago. He will have to answer Cushman's charge and the charge of attempted suicide.

Stealthily Stolen From An Unconscious Alf

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