Attempted To Cremate Himself
Latin Reader - January 18, 188?


Made Insane by Excessive Cigarette Smoking and Applied a Match to Kerosene Oil He Rubbed on His Body.

Jersey City, Jan. 18.—Florentine Patterson, twenty-one years old of 77 Giles avenue, who was made insane by excessive cigarette smoking, attempted to burn himself to death yesterday at his home. He was released recently from the lunatic asylum at Snake Hill, and it was thought he was cured. Yesterday his mother heard him screaming in his room, and found him enveloped in flames.

He had partly stripped himself, rubbed kerosene oil on his body, and touched it off with a match. His mother wrapped a blanket around him and extinguished the flames, but not before he had been severely burned. Afterward he threatened to kill his mother and stepfather, and they had him arrested. He will be returned to the asylum.

Snatched From The Arms Of Alf

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