A Little Sufferer
Chico Weekly Record, Chico, California - Saturday, December 25, 1897


Face, Hands and Arms Covered With Scrofulous Humors—How a Cure Was Effected.

"When five years old my little boy had scrofula on his face, hands and arms. It was worst on his chin, although the sores on his cheeks and hands were very bad. It appeared in the form of red pimples which would fester, break open and run and then scab over. After disappearing they would break out again. They caused intense itching and the little sufferer had to be watched continually to keep him from scratching the sores. We became greatly alarmed at his condition. My wife's mother had had scrofula and the only medicine which had helpd her was Hood's Sarsaparilla. We decided to give it to our boy and we noted an improvement in his case very soon. After giving him four bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla the humor had all been driven out of his blood and it has never since returned." WILLIAM BARTZ, 416 South Williams St., South Bend, Indiana.

You can buy Hood's Sarsaparilla of all druggists. Be sure to get only Hood's.

If you're like me, you're probably wondering what in the hell "Scrofula" is? Well, it turns out to be a form of tuberculosis that results in large, rubbery lymph nodes in the neck. People still get it, but it's now treatable with antibiotics, so it's no big deal. (Of course, I'm sure antibiotics aren't nearly as effective as Hood's Sarsaparilla, but we must make do...) Now, go and impress your friends!

From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair.

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