"Down Brakes, And Reverse!"
Chico Weekly Record, Chico, California - Saturday, December 25, 1897

"When people are losing flesh and strength and vitality, with the life oozing out of them day after day, they need Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discover..."

Here's an interesting follow-up from Craig:

I happened across your most interesting site while trying to answer a friend's question. He is an amateur historian and archeologist in Lake County, California, and had posted a photo of a barn bearing an ad for Dr Pierce's Medical Discovery. The ad you have posted from a weekly Chico, California newspaper provides the complete answer to my friend's question, which came down to: "What did Dr. Pierce discover?"

My friend's picture, if you want to see it, is embedded in an article he posted at http://www.chargedbarticle.com/picture_of_the_times.htm :

Here's more info on Dr. Pierce from the Museum of Menstruation, of all sites:

From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair.

Dreadful Sentiments...