The Impending Massacre
Steele Scrapbook - September 30, 1885


Shall the Chinese be Slaughtered in Washington Territory as in Wyoming?

WASHINGTON, Sept. 30.—There is a growing feeling here that a Chinese massacre of great magnitude will surely result in Washington Territory at no late day, growing out of the recent labor meetings held in Seattle and other portions of the Territory. Your correspondent called on Gen. McKeever, who is acting Adjutant General in the absence of Gen. Drum, and asked him if the government had arranged to send troops to protect the Chinese in Seattle in case of a riot. Gen. McKeever said:

"Neither the president, the secretary of war, nor the general of the army can order troops unless the Governor of Washington Territory request it."

"Are there available troops in the vicinity of Seattle?"

"Yes, the Fourteenth Infanty; now at Vancouver Barracks, can reach that place by rail in a very few hours."

I was curious if anything had ever become of this, and Julie was kind enough to send the following link from Harper's Weekly:
Anti-Chinese Riot At Seattle

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