"Complaint Out For A Thieving Chinese "
Chico Weekly Record, Chico, California - Saturday, December 25, 1897


Has for Weeks Been Stealing Wood From a Chopper on the Morehead Farm.

M.P. Jones swore to a complaint yesterday charging a Chinaman, whose name was unknown to the complainant, with petit larceny.

It appears from Jones' statement that he has been engaged in chopping wood on the Morehead ranch for W.J. O'Connor, and during five or six weeks past he has been noticing that the woodpile was diminishing. He had driven a Chinaman from the woodpile on one occasion, and last Sunday three men saw the Mongolian leaving the woodpile with a sack of wood. They gave chase and made him drop the wood.

The Chinaman is well known to the officers and Constable Chubbuck, who has the warrant, will probably place him under arrest this morning. The fellow lives in a a cabin near Chico creek west of the railroad.

And here's a follow up from a few days later...

Petit Larcenist Arrested.

Constable Chubbuck arrested the Chinaman yesterday against whom a complaint was sworn to before Justice March by M.P. Jones, charging him with stealing wood from the Morehead farm. The fellow will be arraigned before Justice March, and in the meantime will abide in the city prison, as he has no funds with which to secure his release.

What I find racist about this one is not the story itself, but the details, like referring to the man as a "Thieving Chinese".

From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair.

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