A "Color" Doctor Dead At 140
Latin Reader - March 29, 1895


He Hadn't Taken a Bath for Twenty-Five Years.

St. Louis, Mol, March 29.
Dr. William Hotchkiss, alleged to have reached the age of 140 years, died here suddenly yesterday of heart disease. He has always been known as the "color doctor". In his peculiar practice of medicine he termed his patients members of his "circles," and claimed to treat them by a magnetic process. His Masonic record has been traced back 100 years, showing conclusively that he was at least 121 years old. A letter received from his old home in Dinwiddie County, Val, over a year ago, says he was born there in 1755.

Dr. Hotchkiss had a natural aversion to water, and is said to have not taken a bath for over 25 years, but scoured himself with dry sand.

He claimed to have discovered the elixir vitae. At regular intervals, he stood over a smoking brazier and allowed the smoke to envelop his body.

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