Fined For Contempt
Chico Weekly Record, Chico, California - Saturday, December 25, 1897

Fined for Contempt.

On Saturday afternoon Swan Anderson was so unfortunate as to go into the Superior Court room during the progress of the Maxwell trial, in an intoxicated condition. Sheriff Bransford was on the witness stand at the time, Deputy Larison, however, being present. Swan made himself welcome, took the Sheriff's seat, placed his feet upon the bar of justice, and proceeded to enjoy the legal proceedings then in progress. When the Sheriff left the witness stand he and his deputy, with considerable effort, ejected the offender. Thereupon, the Court made an order citing Anderson to appear Monday morning at 9:30 to show cause why he should not be fined for contempt.

At that hour Swan was on hand. He duly recognized that the Judge held four aces and that the hour had come when he should repent of his sins. So he made an [sic] humble apology to the Court, who after administering a dignified, but pointed lecture, imposed a fine of only $30. This was cheerfully paid by Swan, who says he is sorry the incident occurred. He considers it a good and cheap lesson.—Plumas National Bulletin

From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair.

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