Utilization Of Dog Power
Chico Weekly Record, Chico, California - Saturday, December 11, 1897


The State Department of the United States has decided that the dog should be set to work. Accordingly it will give to the people a report upon that subject, showing how much work the dog can do, the kind of service in which he may be profitably employed, and to what extent he is now industriously engaged in various countries of the world, says the Record-Union.

The truth is that the dog is far more a worker than most people give him credit for being, and it is also true that we employ him less than any other peoples, except only those of the Orient. He should be made to do some of the load drawing and burden carry - as in northern lands, in Switzerland and Alpine sections. He should be made use of as a motive power in small mills, as in England, Scotland and some German States. He can be made to carry messages, to stand guard, to draw vehicles as in Belgium and he can do much labor now put upon the horse as can be witnessed in Antwerp and Brussels.

Certainly we in America have not utilized dog power as we might have done and now should do. It is cheap power, faithful power; it calls for less care and attention than most other animal power: it calls for less output of original capital. These are the ideas entertained by the State Department probably, since it has detrmined to quicken public attention on the subject of using the dog as a draft animal. The occasion for this new interest is, of course, the demand for stout curs of all orders for use in Alaska, and the new mining sections of British North America.

That's right - make those mangy mutts EARN those kibbles 'n' bits!!

From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair.

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