The House Is Haunted
Steele Scrapbook - May 23, 1885


Crockery Broken and Articles of Furniture Thrown Around by Invisible Powers.

Special Despatch to THE PRESS

ALBANY, May 23.—Mrs. Sylvia Husted, an aged woman lying near Greenville, Greene County, has caused a great deal of excitement in that village by her stories of uncanny happenings about her house. These stories are corraborated by her son and his two children, who live with her, and by some of her neighbors.

In the yard is a large pile of broken crockery, which Mrs. Husted says was thrown from the shelves when no one was near, and nearly every pane of glass has been broken, so she claims, by articles of furniture flying about and by invisible missiles. A reporter from this city, who visited the place, saw a number of reputable witnesses who claimed to have seen a tea kettle rise from the stove and upset upon the floor, lamps thrown from shelves, several pans of milk leap from their shelves in the pantry and spill their contents on the floor, and tables and chairs move about the house. All of these manifestations occur at night.

Unceremoniously Stolen From Alf

Dreadful Sentiments...