Here are the fringe items - some morbid, some less so - that make me chuckle in bemused mirth at their strangeness. Some of these items would never be found in a modern newspaper, and the more's the pity!

Charged With Being A Witch A Swedish Community In Minnesota Makes Accusations Of Witchcraft
A "Color" Doctor Dead At 140 A weird "doctor" who didn't like to bathe finally kicks the bucket at a grand old age
Driven Out By Spooks Invisible Powers Terrify A Humble Home
False Alarm A Would-be Corpse Winks At The Girls
Fined For Contempt A Drunk Invades The Courtroom
A Ghastly Wedding A Graveside Wedding
A Graveyard Outrage As if being murdered weren't bad enough...
He Still Lives A Letter Arrives From Someone Dead For 13 Years
The House Is Haunted Invisible Powers Terrify A Humble Home II
Is There A Meaner Man Alive? Fairhaven, Vermont stakes its claim to the meanest man in the United States.
The Rose Had Thorns A Bizarre Tale Of Marital Discord
Tramps Have A Prize Fight By The Light Of A Bonfire, Two Tramps Duke It Out!
Utilization Of Dog Power Put Those Mangy Mutts To Work!

Dreadful Sentiments...