Driven Out By Spooks
Steele Scrapbook - May 31, 1885


A South Baltimore Family Forced to Vacate Their Bedroom.

Special Despatch to THE PRESS

BALTIMORE, May 31.—South Baltimore is very much worked up over mysterious rappings and strange performances in the bed rooms of John G. Adams. These occur nightly until now the family camps on the lower floors.

George Jeffries, a brother of Mrs. Adams, says he was lifted out of bed Sunday night by an invisible power and that the bed moved. Jacob Adams says he saw the furniture move. Police Sergeant Butler and Patrolman Sedicum examined the house, but found nothing unusual. The family say that after the officers had passed from one room to the other, the bed and chairs in the room they had left moved around.

Jacob Adams says he was hit with a bettle that was on the mantel at the opposite end of the room, and that nails were flung into the rooms from an unseen source. John G. Adams says he is not a believer in spirits, but he cannot account for the disturbances.

Unceremoniously Stolen From Alf

Dreadful Sentiments...