He Still Lives
Steele Scrapbook - September 30, 1885

He Still Lives.

TOLEDO, Ohio, Sept. 20.—The Commercial Telegraph of yesterday morning published a singular story, which in substance is that thirteen years ago Thomas Hubbell, a farmer residing in Monclava township, in the country, was supposed to have died and was buried. A few years ago his friends received a letter signed in the dead man's name, saying he is alive and would soon visit them. Recently a second letter of the same character was received. This caused an examination of the grave and the casket was found to be empty. An explanation of the mystery is said to be that the grave was robbed and the body sent to a medical college in Michigan. It was then discovered that the man was not dead, but his mind being affected by disease he could give no information concerning his friends and was placed in an asylum, where he subsequently recovered. A brother of the resurrected man has gone to Michigan to investigate the matter. The widow of Hubbell married again several years ago.

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