Tramps Have A Prize Fight
Steele Scrapbook - July 19, 1885

Tramps Have a Prize Fight.

POTTSVILLE, July 19.—A gang of forty tramps camped on the mountain side near this place for some time past and preying upon the town, have separated into hostile gangs, and about midnight last night their differences were adjusted by a single combat, "Dutch John" and "Indiana" having a prize fight on the highway by the light of a great bonfire and with their fellow-vagrants looking on. The police plainly saw the contest but regarded it as out of their bailiwick and did not interfere.

The two men fought savagely for eleven rounds, "Dutch John," the heavier of the two, constantly weakening in the presence of his younger and lighter antagonist. In the eleventh round "Indiana" dealt him a terrific blow and John fell senseless. He had to be carried a quarter of a mile down the rugged mountain side and bathed in the canal before he regained consciousness.

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