A Ghastly Wedding
Steele Scrapbook - June 14, 1885


To Drive Away the Spirit World a Nebraska Man Is Married Over His Former
Wife's Grave.

Special Despatch to THE PRESS.

HOMER, Neb., June 14.—James Henderson, a stock raiser and ranche [sic] owner near here, has just contracted one of the ghastliest marriages on record. He was a widower, his first wife having been dead not more than six months. Within three weeks after her death he was paying court to pretty Sallie Means, a poor seamstress of this city. The courtship progressed favorably, ending in the marriage spoken of.

Henderson is a Spiritualist and believes in communications, spirit rappings, etc. Ten days before the arrngements [sic] for the second union had been fully completed, he received a spirit message. It told him that the spirit of his first wife was in a perturbed state. His approaching union being the cause. Another communication told him that he was liable to be haunted.

To propitiate the wounded spirit and lay the "haunt," Henderson and Miss Means were married at midnight in the graveyard in which his first wife was buried, clasping hands across her grave. This Henderson claims is a sure check upon developing ghosts with a tendency to walk at hours when honest folks of flesh and blood are asleep.

Exposure and fright at the strange ordeal she was obliged to undergo have combined to keep the strangely-made bride in bed since the ceremony.

You notice how these poor Victorian damsels tend to be bedridden from fright quite a lot?
Poor little things... <gag!>

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